About Us:

Enjoy Bermuda’s oldest full service Dive Centre, at our main location at Robinson’s Marina (Somerset Bridge) on the western side of the island, and accessing the north, west and south shore dive sites via Ely’s Harbour. From here we are uniquely situated to offer a large variety of sites. Site choices are always made first with consideration for the weather on the day – so it’s rarely possible for us to say in advance where we will go – but we do take requests, and we do our best to not repeat sites for anyone who is with us on a multi-day package.

Tropical shallow water wreck diving is what all the excitement is about here, as there are over 300 wrecks around our tiny island. We are the most accessible venue in the Western Hemisphere in terms of getting to the island to dive and then the short travel times involved in getting out to the wrecks. Most sites are 30 to 45 minutes away and can be seen in all their glory as salvage, for the most part, is prohibited by Bermuda law.

We are also not solely limited to wrecks as there are 400 sq. kilometres of reef to explore. Bermuda has the most northerly coral reef in the world. Our reef is truly expansive and not a simple series of finger and groove formations. It has grown solid like a carpet with caverns, grottos, over-hangs, tunnels, gullies and huge arches interspersed with abundant pockets of pink and white sands. Although we do not have all the colourful sponges the Caribbean offers, our system is far healthier and resplendent with large Sea Fans and huge
Finger (Candelabra) corals. The fringing reef system is home for a vast quantity of reef life: Invertebrates, crustaceans, pelagic and reef fish. We even have pods of Humpback whales passing by during March, April and May and then we operate a boat that departs specifically to do full and half-day whale watch charters. We have even been ‘hijacked’ by a resident pod of dolphins, who took position at the front of the boat and then accompanied us on our way back in by ‘bow-riding’ – an unforgettable experience.

Most people associate wreck diving with deep water, but that’s not the case here in Bermuda. The majority of our diving is shallow (average 45-65 ft) so we have plenty of “bottom time” to explore. Our deepest wreck is at 105ft and there are several dives to 100′ – which we would generally plan in advance – but for the most part we stay shallow.

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Night diving can also be arranged by request and we plan those mainly for good weather periods. Apart from regular dive trips we can conduct all levels of PADI certification up to Divemaster and Assistant Instructor. Specialty courses are also conducted as well as CPR and First aid.

Check-In Times are 8.15am and 1.30pm and the duration of the trip is 3 1/2 and 2 1/2 hrs respectively and we do this all year around… although the winter months are very slow and we are not out every day, we
certainly are available and happy to discuss options for that time of year. Our 36 foot Newton Dive Special, named “MODERN SINBAD,” is purposely designed with dive platform, boarding ladder, benches and tank racks. Oxygen, 1st aid kits, marine toilet, communications radio, and all necessary safety equipment are
standard. We also provide drinking water and showers for your convenience. The afternoon trip is a mixture of snorkelers, certified divers and beginners. Instructors and guides are on all excursions for safety and to
ensure that all the hot spots of the dive are shown to all. We maintain a very high ratio of instructor/guides to clients.

Top name brands such as Scubapro, Sherwood and Mares make up our rental line. Our service also
includes a retail section as well as repair and annual service facilities capable of overhauling several brands of gear (depending on parts availability).

And, for those who are not certified, we offer the beginner/resort Lesson and Dive program and great
snorkeling from the dive boat, catering from the novice to the pro! We have it all at Blue Water Divers; so – why aren’t you wet yet?


At Blue Water Divers we focus on the simple things…

Diver safety and diver satisfaction.

We operate out of the west end of the island and because our marina is on the west
facing side of the island, we have access to north, west and south dive sites all within 30-45 minutes of the marina. We dive daily throughout peak months and as much as possible during the shoulder months and off-season.