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The Ultimate Bermuda Shipwreck Guide

We have some of the most accessible wrecks in the world. Dive on a little bit of history in shallow, clear, warm water. Discover The Constellation, The Hemes or one of our purpose sunk wrecks like The Sea Venture or Forceful all easily located from our handy guide complete with Divemaster notes

Click on a wreck name on the map below for full details. The information will open in a "new window".

The Ultimate Bermuda Wreck Guide Xing Da The Caraquet Madiana Cristobol Colon Taunton Aristo Beaumaris Castle Riat Zorvetta Pelioaion The Kate Pollockshields Hermes Kevin's Wreck Minnie Bresslauer Virginia Merchant Marie Celeste The King Blanche King Airplane Darlington L'Herminie Montana Constellation Lartington Sea Venture Forcefull

Bermuda Shipwrecks

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Bermuda Shipwrecks

by Daniel & Denise Berg

Updated Tuesday, September 09, 2014