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The ultimate Bermuda snorkel guide

Some people might want to discover our beautiful aquatic world, but might not fancy the prospect of Scuba. No problem, we have some of the most beautiful reefs and wrecks in shallow, calm, warm and clear water. Perfect for snorkeling. If boats aren't your thing, you can snorkel some lovely reefs and even a real shipwreck with a gentle swim from shore.

Visit Shelly Bay or brave the wreck of The Pollockshieilds directly from the beach at Elbow Beach

Click on a snorkel site name on the map below for full details. The information will open in a "new window".

The Ultimate Bermuda Snorkel Guide HMS Vixen North Rock Tabacco Bay Natrural Arches John Smith's Bay Fort St Catherine Elbow Beach Pollockshields Warwick Long Bay Jobson's Cove Horseshoe Bay South West Breaker Church Bay Montana Constellation Blue Hole Somerset Long Bay Shelly Bay
Updated Tuesday, September 09, 2014