PADI Rescue Diver Course Outline

The Rescue Diver Course introduces students to techniques including selfrescue/ self-sufficiency and established diver rescue procedures. This course is highly recommended for all divers, and is required in order to continue through Professional and Master SCUBA Diver ratings.

• Junior Level- age 12 or above
• Standard Level- age 15 or above


Age requirement and medical evaluation (a physician’s medical for diving fitness may be required depending on your medical history). Paperwork can be completed in advance or at course registration. PADI Junior or Standard Advanced Open Water Diver certification, or an equivalent rating is required for this course. A minimum of 20 logged dives, showing experience in Deep and Navigation, are also an entry requirement.

A Learning Agreement must be reviewed and signed in addition to course paperwork. Once registered, any session the student misses must be made up at an extra charge or during the next regular course schedule, or forfeit remaining course fees.

Course outline:

Course includes all materials and necessary SCUBA equipment. It is recommended, but not required, that students own all of their own equipment, as familiarity with personal gear improves general diving skills. In addition to SCUBA equipment a knife, depth gauge, compass, timing device, Tables and whistle/surface signaling device are all required for this course.

Rescue Diver certification covers Academic sessions (Rescue Diver Manual, Knowledge Reviews and Final Exam) and twelve in-water rescue scenarios, proceeding from basic tired diver procedures through detailed missing-diver recovery and First Aid procedures. PADI MEDIC FIRST AID course, or equivalent including basic first aid and CPR techniques is an exit requirement for this course; training must be current (within two years).

This certification is valid for life; however, it is recommended that you keep your diving skills up to date if you’re not able to dive often. Ask your instructor about refresher sessions or SCUBA Tune-Ups!

Junior Diver ratings can be upgraded after the diver’s 15th Birthday by paying a registration fee and processing a new card, or by taking the next course and automatically upgrading with the new certification. Some depth and supervision limitations apply to Junior Diver ratings.

Course Fees:

Course Fees vary depending on your schedule and the number of students in your group. Individual students can be added to existing groups, or may choose to take a private course. Review your schedule with our staff and receive a quote on your course.