Our Gear:

We have a variety of rental gear. Mask and fins are a mixture of DeepSea, SubGear, Mares and US Diver brands. Our wetsuits are mainly BARE but there are a variety of others.

The REGS are mostly ScubaPro and are 1-3 years old. There are also some Sherwood BRUTS and Mares sets.

The BCDs are mostly Mares Rovers and are less than 5 years old. They are not weight integrated – we have a variety of belt sizes to accommodate small to large divers. Some of the new BCDs due into the fleet next year will possibly be weight integrated, but we have yet to find a good weight integrated model for a rental fleet. Divers bringing their own weight integrated BCDs will have no trouble finding the right size lead weights out of the selection we have on board.

The TANKS are mostly LUXFER cylinders with a variety of valves, some accommodating DIN regulators for those who travel with those. They are aluminium 80 cu ft cylinders. We do not have any steel cylinders in our rental fleet. The added weight of steel cylinders make them harder to handle on the boat. Also, due to the high salt content in Bermuda, steel does not fare as well as aluminium over time.

All of the gear is serviced annually and inspected by the local Department of Marine and Ports before the shop can be licensed for the year. Where needed outside of the inspection cycle, gear is serviced in-house.