Our Crew:

The Admiral: Chris Gauntlett

Chris Gauntlett purchased Blue Water Divers from Michael Burke in 2012. Michael took over the company from his father Kevin roughly 30 years ago. Chris is a PADI IDC Staff Instructor and has been teaching SCUBA since the early 1990s.

He is a licensed Pilot with the local Department of Marine and Ports. He is in his early 40s and married Melanie in 2013. They have two daughters, Sophie and Amy, who are slowly working their way up to take over the company hopefully before the point where Chris needs more than a day off here and there.

Currently they’re still working on things like the Alphabet, Potty Training and doing as they’re told. So, it might be a while….. but in the meantime, come by and see Chris!


Our Captains & Crew:

This year’s crew is a salty bunch, mostly fresh out of prison



The Shop Manager. Also known as ‘Inna Heights.’ Ina has been with the company since before Chris took over in 2012, so she knows where all the skeletons in the closet came from and put most of them there herself. She is Half-German and Half-Norwegian and as a result is sometimes hard to understand – but impossible not to like. If you’ve ever seen Fawlty Towers, then the relationship between Chris and Ina is like the opening scene of the first episode – where Basil tries and fails to explain to Manuel (who is from Barcelona) there there is too much butter on those trays.



One of the part-time Captains. You may remember John from the Disney classic film, “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea,” in which John played the part of the giant squid. Many years ago, John used to be one of the owners and operators of Blue Water Divers. He still remembers where all the dive sites are and can still steer straight, so he drives from time to time because he finds being on land boring. He is a PADI Instructor but his status is ‘Emeritus’ which means he doesn’t teach anymore – he just glares disapprovingly at all the young instructors and keeps them in line. John has the distinction of being the only Bermudian in living memory to be arrested for and charged with Piracy. It’s a great story – ask him about it. We’re getting t-shirts printed up and everything.



One of the Captains. Dave is a PADI Divemaster and is a licensed Pilot with the local Department of Marine and Ports. He has lots of tattoos, just as a good Captain should.



One of the part-time Captains. Brad is a PADI diver and a licensed Pilot with the local Department of Marine and Ports. He also has international Yachtsman and boat building qualifications, which he most recently put to use when he helped to fix a major clog in the boat’s plumbing system. It’s a great story – ask him about it. We’re getting t-shirts printed up and everything.



Recently moved back to Bermuda with his blushing bride who makes tremendous brownies. Keep your fingers crossed that you’re on the boat on a day she comes out; seriously, they really are stupendous and you won’t be sorry. Nathan is also nice but not as nice as those brownies.



One of the Divemasters. He certified as a DM at Blue Water Divers and is currently working through his Assitant Instructor level. He is enviromentally-minded and generally focuses his efforts on the destruction of the invasive lionfish population.



Joins us from the Great White North and despite his vast experience with frozen water, is also good at diving. Amazing but true.



Currently at Rescue Diver level, Harley is working through the Divemaster course. He as a lot of hair and we’re probably going to have to do something about it at some point, because it scares the fish.