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Chris Gauntlett (a.k.a The Boss, Boss-man, Cap’n, Ouch Stop Hitting Me) - Owner / Operator

Chris hails from a long line of Bermudian sea faring heroes. Local archives can trace the Gauntlett name back through time until the first known grounding of a vessel in Bermuda waters.

Making his ancestors proud, Chris wears the title Captain Crunch, with glee and honour.

He briefly left the diving industry for a couple of years in the financial sector, until he realized they wouldn’t let him carry a sword.  He then joined the army and carried a sword there for a while, and now he’s back to diving, where he can carry a big knife and call it a sword.
The 2050 version of the Ultimate Bermuda Wreck Guide will most likely include his name (several times!!) ;-)

In June of 2012 Chris used knowledge gained in the financial sector along with his military training to plot a blood-less coup, and is now the Owner/Operator of Blue Water Divers!

Ina-Bianca Kuesters (a.k.a. Number Two, Second in Command, Inna Heights, Ina-Ina-Bo-Bina-Banana-Fanna-Fo-Fina) - Dive Instructor
Ina- Bianca Kuesters

A world traveler with dual nationality (German and Norwegian) and speaks six languages, but she doesn’t speak any of them fluently, so she’s a little bit difficult to understand over the phone (sorry about that!)

She’s been present for a suspicious number of natural disasters, so you may want to stand clear if there’s lightning above.  She has her clumsy moments but also once managed to communicate with a humpback whale (which makes seven languages) and get it to pose for pictures, so we keep her around.

Loves Dark & Stormy's (ask her how to mix one!), but her language skills are at their worst before her first coffee of the day

Alex Goncharov - ( a.k.a. Boris the Russian Spy from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.) - Divemaster

Russian Invasion 2 – Alex is the son of Sergey, and spent his childhood in the Siberian wilderness hunting wolves with a make-shift spear.

He's a Divemaster, so not really on staff, but it's worth mentioning him in case he does his instructor course next year and applies for a job like his sister did.

Caroline Wilson Merritt - Divemaster

Caroline is always on Bermuda time, which means she’s always busy but never on time - if she is not jogging along the railway trail, she is running after the dive boat.

Caroline is a natural on boats and in the water; her favorite beverage is tequila which she loves to sip on in the evening for some relaxation while sitting on her terrace overlooking south shore.  She usually goes through a case of tequila per week.

Tom Kelvin-Smith – (a.k.a. Golden Boy, Chris Jr)- Dive Instructor

Tom has been sighted all over the world, most notably on the back of city buses in Atlanta and the occasional Wanted poster.  He is spending his second summer in Bermuda working on his tan and blonde highlights.

“Golden Boy” has only one known flaw – he uses fluorescent-yellow Force Fins so when he’s in his gear he looks a bit like a radioactive duck.

Martin Nearon - (a.k.a. Marty Mar) -Dive Instructor

Marty is new to the diving game but semi-retired from the financial game, so he must have done alright. 

He straps a Go-Pro to his forehead and captures the wonders of the underwater world in vivid HD –

So if you’re on the run from your HR Department, don’t get in front of him or you might end up on YouTube.

Marie Wilson-Taylor, (a.k.a. The Blonde Bombshell) - Dive Instructor

Marie returns to BWD after a few years work selling Girl Scout Cookies door-to-door. 

She missed working on regulators and lifting SCUBA tanks so she gave up her lucrative cookie career and has strapped on a tank once again

This is not her profile: Which may explain a lot?

Yves Phil - Divemaster

German aerospace technician from Hamburg and a Divemaster.  Her English is better than Ina’s so if you need a translator, she’s your girl

She can fix planes but doesn’t have a clue how to fix the boat.  Ina’s better at baking than Yves but Yves’ sister is a chef on the island.  Yves’ Black Forest Cake turns out more like white sugar-free bread.

Nathan Frick - Dive Instructor
MarieNathan is part time
Joshua Stephens - Divemaster intern

Joshua recently graduated from Warwick Academy (May 2014). It is his 2nd year with BWD. 

Joshua is enrolled with the Bermuda College to receive a degree in science in the near future.

Dave Lees - Retired Dive Instructor and Almost Comatose Web Thingy!

Almost always confused with Cuba Gooding Jnr or Brad Pitt, depending upon the light. Politically active, Dave uses the "Pinky and The Brain" method to fulfil his desire for total world domination. There will be no recounts!!

Yes, the very same Dave Lees who featured on the cover of the March 1996 issue of "Dive Training Magazine"

Dave is no longer involved in the day to day diving. His time is spent playing on the interweb and getting paid for it. Only he does it in bloody cold England!!!


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We've been around for quite some time and as a result, some of our crew have moved on to pastures new. To proper jobs and financial security. Or perhaps the authorities caught up with them. Have a look at the ones who have move on:

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